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Tïjonïk 27 Chatt’uyuloq! (Sit down!)
Imperative with positional verbs


In this unit we will learn to construct imperative forms with positional roots.


Lupe and Xwan play a game utilizing imperative forms of positional verbs:


Imperative forms of intransitive positional verbs take Set B person agreement marking; the corresponding imperative suffixes are -a in mid-phrase position and –oq in phrase-final position; the required TAM marker is ch- (or k-).

The imperative base is the stative positional stem, formed by adding +Vrl to the root, unless the last consonant of the positional root is either r or in which case the suffix is +Vn.

Imperative forms of transitive positional verbs take the suffix –Vb’a after the root where V is the root vowel.



Q’oy                 pos. root: lying down

Q’oyi’(k)          to lie down

Q’oyol              lying down

Q’oyol le q’ab’arel.
The drunk man is lying down.

Lie down!

Chaq’oyob’a le ne’
Lie down the baby!

T’uy                  pos. root: sitting

T’uyi’(k)           to sit

T’uyul               seated

Oj t’uyul chi pa tem.
We are already sitting on the bench.

T’uyula alaq!
Sit down! (formal)

Chit’uyub’a le q’eb’al!
Set down the cooking pot!

Tak’                  pos. root: standing tall

Tak’i’(k)           to stand upright

Tak’al               standing 

Tak’al le ixoq chwach le q’atb’al tzij.
The woman is standing in front of the city hall.

Chixtak’ala chanim!
Stand up at once!

Chatak’ab’a le qatat!
Set father on his feet!

K’ul                  pos. root: marry

K’uli’(k)           to marry

K’ulan              married

Oj k’ulan chik.
We are already married.

Chatk’ulana ruk’ le al Ska’!
Marry Francisca!

Xinkik’ulub’a le nutat nunan.
My parents gave me away in marriage.

More examples:

Chatq’oyoloq!          Lie down!

Chattak’aloq!            Stand up!

Chattak’ala pa le tem! Stand up on the chair!

T’uyula la! Sit! (you, formal sing)

Chatt’uyuloq! Sit!

Chatt’uyula pa le ch’at! Sit on the bed!

K’AK’A TAQ TZIJVocabulary
Sepi'(k) sit kneeling
Xuki'(k) kneeling on both knees
Ch’uki'(k) sitting in a squatting position
Xeki'(k) hanging/dangling from a nail
Nak’i'(k) glued
Tani'(k) to stop, to come to an end
Ch’oki'(k) kneeling with one leg up

Translate the following phrases into English:

  1. Chojk’ulanoq!
  2. Chinq’oyoloq!
  3. “Chojq’oyoloq,” xub’ij le qanan.
  4. T’akala la chuchi le ja!
  5. Chatt’uyula waral!

Translate the following phrases into K’iche’:

  1. Let them sit on the chair!
  2. Stand up! (you, formal)
  3. Let us lie in the bed!
  4. Sit!
  5. Let me stand up!