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Tïjonïk 2 Jas ub’anik jun k’otoj chi’aj pa tijob’al? (How do we ask questions at school?)


In this lesson we introduce a number of colloquial phrases that will be useful in the classroom. Unless working with a native speaker instructor, they may skip this lesson and return to it after finishing lesson 10.


Listen to the following dialogue:

WEL: “A Xwan, la aweta’m  le tzij “me’s”?”

XWAN:  “Nutom le tzij, par na weta’m taj a Wel.  Jas karaj kub’ij?”

WEL: “Karaj kub’ij  “gato”.”

WEL: “Jas ub’ixik gato pa k’iche’ a Xwan?”

XWAN: “Xsachan chwe, a Wel.”



K’o jun nuk’otoj chi’aj.
I have a question.
La k’o jun k’otoj chi’aj?
Is there a question?
La k’o jun na kak’oxomaj taj?
Is there something you don’t understand?
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La k’o na kik’oxomaj taj?
Is there something you all don’t understand?
La k’o tzij na kik’oxomaj taj?
¿Is there any word you all don’t understand?
Na kink’oxomaj taj jas karaj kub’ij… 
I don’t understand what …. means.
Na kink’oxomaj taj. Jas che…?
I don’t understand why…
Na kink’oxomaj taj. Jas che kab’e le jun tzij…?

I don’t understand. Why does the word … go here?
I got lost. I made a mistake.
Xinsach che le uwokik le tzij.
I made a mistake in the construction of the words.
Xsachan le tzij chwe.
I forgot that word.
Xsachan chwe.
I forgot. I can’t remember.
 Na weta’m taj
I don’t know
Jas ub’ixik ….?

How do you say…?
Jas ub’ixik …. pa K’iche’?
How do you say… in K’iche’?
Jas karaj kub’ij….?

What does… mean?
 Jas upatan le tzij…?
What’s the function of the word…?
La utz we 
Is it ok to say…?
  Nutom le tzij…
I have heard the word…
Na nutom ta le tzij …
I have not heard the word…