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Tïjonik 11 Are wa’ le qatz’yaq (This is our clothing)


In this lesson, you will learn about clothing in Nahualá. Nahualeños are very proud of their traditional outfit, especially women, who still wear it every day. You will also practice the grammar and vocabulary we have studied in the past ten units.


In the following video nan Xe’p describes the traditional clothing women wear in Nahualá. First, do not worry about new vocabulary and focus instead on the constructions and words that you do recognize.


K’AK’A TAQ TZIJVocabulary
Powi’ hat
kami’x shirt
ta’k embroidered collar on men’s shirts
nim le ta’k. the collar is big
koxtar male skirt, traditional in Nahualá
xyal cardigan, sweater
pants trousers
ilb’al glasses
ilb’al ramaj watch
po’t huipil, woven blouse
uq (E-uq) corte, skirt
xajab’ shoe(s)
su’t large woven cloth used as a covering on top of the head or on the shoulder (for women)
sutub’al su’t ceremonial cloth (tied around a man’s head)
peraj large woven cloth (larger than su’t) used to carry babies
xkinaj (E-xikin) ear rings
mulq’ab’ ring
chachal necklace
ximb’al wi’aj hair ribbon
pas woven belt for men and women
b’ake’t leather belt worn by men, holds the koxtar in place
to’q diaper
b’otz’b’al long wide woven belt used to wrap infants

In the following word scramble are several words concerning clothing. Find them and practice their pronunciation and meaning.

A Q J N K’ W N X O’ J S P A S K’ U P B’ S
Y P O’ X Y A L X T’ X Y L TZ U R TZ O O’ U
R J T’ X K’ W M U P E P R L R X Y J L T
U’ TZ X Q B’ R L M O U X E’ Y TZ P K’ TZ L U
U K’ Y Q J Q S L W X R M R P U U P W B’
P T’ U K’ P N O’ Q I’ Y U’ M X Q R K J Q A
W L L U’ T R U B’ I’ B’ J O I’ A E’ X T’ A L
K’ T E R R O U B’ X P Q W M E P U P Y S
P E’ Q S P N P M A Q S M A T S U O’ L U’
K K J R U Y J X K X Q Q K E’ K K L Q T
Q A X J B’ O’ N A S T’ N R 0’ A’ Q B’ R U’ Y
P B’ A N S Y U B’ R W Q N M E M J W T R
T’ W TZ Q O’ K’ P TZ U’ S L S U’ T i Y S Q P
O’ X W J X N T’ X TZ W U W K’ U J K’ E U J
Q N U X K O X T A R R P Y O’ Q M U’ M T’


Word Bank: powi’, pas, uq, xyal, po’t, kami’x, su’t, koxtar, sutub’al sut, b’ake’t.


Translate the following sentences to English:

  • K’o umulq’ab’ le al Xwa’n
  • Nim le b’otz’b’al ne’.
  • Je’l taq le xkinaj.
  • K’o uximb’al wi’aj le al to’n
  • Paqal rajil le chachal.